Friday, 10 January 2020

Altenew - Cattleya & Weekend Doodles

Ahoy and welcome back!
I'm a sucker for anything 'planty', be it real, ornamental or in stamps and Altenew are great at feeding my floral addiction.

This is their gorgeously, delicate Cattleya stamp set, which, if you're not a plant-addict like me, is an orchid originating from Central & South America. 
It's a layering stamp so I used some Altenew inks that I got for Christmas. I kept ummmming n' arrrrring over these inks for ages... put in a request to Santa, got a few sets and fell in love (with the inks, not Santa...although he's a fairly decent chap when it comes to

The beauty of these inks is that the thinking about what colours go well together is taken care of for you. If you're not familiar with them, each colour comes in a set of 4 shades from light to very dark, so using them with layering stamps is easy-peasy. 
The leafy wreath behind my floral image is from Altenew's 'Weekend Doodles' set. 

So my resolution to remove my crafty stash from it's packaging and actually start using it has begun. In fact I'm on such a roll I made 5 cards the other day... I know...Shock! Horror! 
Thanks for stopping by, have great weekend & I'll be back soon.


Sue said...

Beautiful card, Janey. I like how you combined the two different sets.

Heidi MyLittleStampingBlog said...

This is very pretty!

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Jane, loving your card, it's a beautiful floral stamp and gorgeous colours, Kate x

Chrissy said...

I love Altenew inks and stamps Jane and my collection is growing..this is a lovely one and I love the colours..beautiful.


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