Monday, 11 November 2019

AB Studio - Secret Forest

Stepping wayyyyyyyy outta my comfort zone with this 'creation'.

I use the word 'creation', but seriously...if you'd been in the room when I made this, you'd think otherwise.

Despite its tiny size (4 x 4 inches), I managed to throw my toys out of the pram, yell 'That's it...I'm selling all my craft stash!' (again), shed a frustrated tear or two and have a small 

Seriously, there is a whole comedy series available just watching me create.

To cut a very lonnnnnnnnng story short....I used fussy cut elements and papers from AB Studio's 'Secret Forest' paper collection, microbeads, polystyrene balls, snowflake paste, glass stones, glitter, distress inks, Prima sprays. In fact EVERYTHING but the kitchen sink went into this. 

I then went up to bed totally deflated that it just wasn't happening, that what was in my head wasn't being reproduced on that ickle piece of paper. I started cleaning my teeth and thought...'I know what....flick Picket Fence Distress spray all over it, that's what it needs'. So just after midnight I returned to my project, flicked paint all over it and then promptly knocked the bottle over and spilt the contents all over my desk. 

Panic ensues. I should have gone to bed, but no, it couldn't wait until morning. Flicks needed to be flicked and flicked right now. Now I'm up to my elbows in wet wipes & kitchen towel frantically mopping up bloody white paint, It's carnage, but you know what...come the morning I had fallen in love. The flicks worked, gawd know how or why...but that's all it needed.
So the lesson today is... flick paint if flicks are required....but maybe wait until the morning.

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cuilliesocks said...

Well your creation was worth all the angst Jane, it's absolutely stunning. So much detail to view and all wonderful, love all the frosting, Kate x

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