Saturday, 19 January 2019

Alcohol Inks - No 16

Let me introduce you to 'No 16', another of my nattily named alcohol pieces.
I actually made it about a year ago but along with 3 others that I am yet to post, I have lost all of the details and 'how I made it' photos as my tablet crashed and wiped out the whole lot....Grr
Pork chop fingers and delicate keyboards...not always a good mix... but I would hazard a guess that I drizzled 91% alcohol across the sheet of 9" × 11" yupo, dropped a selection of pinks and purples, sloshed it about, maybe puffed the colours around and then added dots of alcohol with a fine paintbrush.
Hmmmm....pretty sure it was that simple...😆

1 comment:

clelie said...

I love the trail of colour and bubbles! Thanks for the 're-creation' instructions...I have got to try this...such FUN!♥

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