Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Alcohol Inks - No 14

Get your sunglasses out...the Pinata alcohol inks are in town!

Pinata inks are insanely bright, outrageously garish, the punk rockers of the crafty world. 

This is a 9 x 11 inch Yupo painting.
Add 91% isopropyl alcohol and you've got a magical mix.

Pinatas provide the razzle-dazzle...give 'em a go.


Miranda said...

Gorgeous and fiery! looks like a phoenix rising up.......I have also some of these inks but neder used them.....xx

cuilliesocks said...

Bright, bright, but so lovely, Kate x

Heidi Stamps said...

So pretty, so glad you have framed it.

conil said...

Extraordinary...I can feel Spring reaching out to me just looking at it.

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