Sunday, 25 February 2018

Alcohol Inks - No 12

Introducing the nattily named 'Alcohol Ink No - 12', another piece inspired by my love of all things 'gardeningny'.

As with all of my alcohol ink pieces, this was made during the fairer weather months, when I could have windows and doors open and a fan on full-blast to blow away the fumes.

As always, I'd be interested to know what you see in this painting, hence my reason for numbering rather than naming them.

I used a tonne of earthy colours and a generous dose of gold for rich highlights.

Now you're probably gonna ask... 'Hey Janey, you weird, crazy woman! What colours did you use?' Well I'm darned if I can remember and do yer think I can find my notes?

But don't let that put you off giving the ol' inks a go. 

Just go with the flow, let the inks do their 'thang', play, experiment and enjoy!


Chrissy said...

Beautiful Jane..looks like a chocolate bar filled with hokey pokey chunks..yum...apart from the fact I can see an eagle and a dog in it.


cuilliesocks said...

Oh just love the amber tones, Kate x x

conil said...

Love it! Reminds me of chocolate with addiction.

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