Friday, 22 December 2017

Alcohol Ink Festiveness

Is it Christmas yet?
We're on the final countdown. Santa's probably buffing his sleigh, warming up the reindeer and unknotting the curly ribbon on our gifts as I scribe.
I love Christmas!

This year, as threatened promised, all of my family and friends got an alcohol ink painting, albeit a very tiny one, about 2 inches square to be precise.
I made 1 HUGE painting (seem to have mislaid that photo....Doh!), then chopped it up into tiny portions for each card.

I added some Gloss White Nuvo Crystal Drops et voila! Job done.

Just 3 more sleeps....Yay!


Dotty Jo x said...

And it's 'job done' very beautifully too, Jane! Jo x

Craft-E-Place said...

Wow! Simply stunning!

Chrissy said...

It maybe a tiny piece and placed on a card but the impact on my shelf has been amazing and so right too..thank you my friend..gorgeous card.


cuilliesocks said...

Absolutely beautiful Jane and such a clever artistic idea, everyone getting a piece of unique artwork, Kate x

Cathy said...

Beautiful cards, a little goes a long way! Cathy x

Holly Saveur said...

Merry Christmas!!
greetings Holly.

Miranda said...

Lovely cards Janey! Soon I will have a blogpost referring to yours using the alcohol inks with that effect, warm wishes Miranda

Elaine said...

Gorgeous and inspiring Janey! Thanks for sharing! The little squares perfectly convey "winter" and you couldn't have chosen a better accent than the white Nuvo drops! What is the white bottle shown in the picture along side the denim and stonewashed alcohol Inks? Thanks!

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