Sunday, 5 November 2017

Alcohol Inks - No 9

Ahoy and thank you for stopping by.
Today I have another alcohol inking to share called No 9.

I love how this one turned out, it looks like a view of Earth from outta space.

That's why I love alcohol inks, for their magical qualities, their ability to leave us seeing all different things within a piece.

I used Pitch Black, Slate & Patina (Adirondack) and the gorgeous Pinata 'Rich Gold', which I much prefer to the Adirondack version.

I see oceans meeting the land, what about you?

Winter is truly on the way now, stay snug n' warm and happy crafting!


conil said...

OOOOOOOOH! This is another winner. Gorgeous color and amorphous shapes. The gold adds so much.

Chrissy said...

The outer space look I get and the colours are stunning and I love the gold, but the real feature is the giant frog..swimming through the turquoise water..FABulous.


cuilliesocks said...

Amazing patterns and stunning colours Jane, you manipulate the inks fantasticlly, Kate x

Mac Mable said...

Yes oceans meeting the land is good for me. Love the colour combination and that gold is is No9 x

Anne Agar-krill said...

This is just stunning.You always inspire me.My inks will be out today .lOVE SEEING YOUR WORK!

Dotty Jo said...

Looks amazing! Jo x

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