Friday, 1 September 2017

Alcohol Inks - No 3

I've hope you've had a great week and can relax in the knowledge that the weekend is here...Yay!
I've had a couple of weeks off work, catching up on chores, working on my own garden and finding time to craft...back to work on Monday.

This is another alcohol ink painting that I have been working on. As I explained in my last post, I'm going to number my pieces rather than name them, as we all seem to see something different, so this is No 3.

I used Adirondack alcohol inks again, Citrus, Lettuce, Botanical & Pesto, as well as 91% Isopropyl Rubbing alcohol on a 9" × 12" sheet of Yupo. I will try and do a video one day on how I use the inks. These larger pieces take a lot longer to make, so I need to work out how to cram a 6hr video into 7mins, or you'll die of boredom

Here's the finished piece, varnished and framed.
As always, I'd be interested in what you see in a painting and let me know if you're alcohol inking so I can visit your blog too.

I do post more regularly on Instagram if you're interested... @jane.clempson you can find me on Fackbook too...see you there and have a groovy weekend x


Heidi MyLittleStampingBlog said...

Beautiful. I love the use of all green inks.

Chrissy said...

Oh, a lovely big caterpillar slithering over a no.3..FANtastic..


conil said...

Really soothing to look a little mesmerized by all the circles and swirls. Just lovely.

Mac Mable said...

Amazing no3, love the colour combination and the movement of the piece x

My Paper Epiphany said...

Stunning! I'd love to see a video:) I want to learn more about alcohol inks.

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