Friday, 4 August 2017

Alcohol Inks - Simple Inking

Ahoy and welcome back chez moi.
Before I start I need to point out that my final card photos seem to have come out a bit 'milky' & the colours a tad muted. I've no idea what happened there...the colours on the other photos reflect their true richness.

I think I've finally found my true happy place in the crafty world...Alcohol Inks. As well as cards I'm now working on some larger, framed, commissioned pieces which I'm really excited about. Watch this space.

I made this card a while back using Adirondack's Botanical, Citrus and Teakwood alcohol inks. Really simple to make, just drizzle on some blending solution or rubbing alcohol, drop on your inks and blow. 

You can use a straw or a Tim Holtz puffy gadget thingy-m-bob or even a hairdryer on a cool, slower setting to push those colours about.

I used Mr Holtz' Alcohol Fillable Pen to add the dotty effect. You could use a paintbrush to do this too.

Just enjoy using alcohol inks, don't be scared of them, let them flow, move and merge and gently help the magic happen.

Have a groovy weekend.


cuilliesocks said...

Lovely card Jane, you do have such fun making these, I love the colours you've chosen, Kate x

Mac Mable said...

Glorious colours together and will use a straw to puff...great idea! Looking forward to seeing some of your commissions at a later date. Faublous always, thank you x

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