Tuesday, 18 July 2017

VIDEO - Alcohol Inks and Foiled Highlights

Brace yourselves.
I've made another video...lol.

This time, I've made a piece using just 2 alcohol ink colours, Pool & Teakwood, from Tim Holtz.
The photo above shows everything I used...2 inks, Blending Solution, an air-puffy-spritzy gadget (you could use a straw if you have enough puff), an Alcohol Ink Fillable Pen, thin paintbrush and some gold Deco Foil.

Of course, what I missed from the 'equipment' photo was the Yupo paper that I used, which was the thinner, cheaper 110gsm version. You can of course use glossy paper... I just prefer the way alcohol inks move on Yupo.

 I started by drizzling Blending Solution over the Yupo, then a swoosh of Pool ink across the page which I then blew about before adding the Teakwood. I used the Fillable Pen (which contains Blending Solution) and my paintbrush to move the colours and to create the dotty effect. You can use the paintbrush, dipped in Blending Solution, to create the dots, I just find the pen easier to control the flow of fluid.

Now you can just wait for it all to dry and then add foil highlights with glue but as certain parts of the inks were still wet and slightly tacky, I put the foil (shiny side up) straight onto my piece and gently rubbed until the foil had stuck.
It is however, much better to wait until all of the ink is dry and then add foil with an adhesive like Flitterglu, a Deco Foil Pen or even a Quickie Glue pen as it's easier to control where it sticks. If too much of the alcohol ink is tacky, the foil will stick to the whole lot.
Remember... I make these mistakes so you don't have to...lol.

So if you're brave enough and none of the above makes sense, you can watch my latest attempt at a video that'll show you exactly what I did. I just cut the final piece down to fit my card.
You can click on the link below or watch in glorious HD, here.


Mac Mable said...

Loved watching the video and watching your creative process. Great control with the pen and the brush. Yep blowing machine for me too..not enough puff, although my husband might disagree LOL x Gorgeous colours together and such a fun and creative idea to use the foil too. Another piece of art and thank you so much for the stunning inspiration x

Mac Mable said...

Meant to say...Thank you for making the mistakes so we don't have too!!!! LOL x

Craft-E-Place said...

Just brilliant! Great video and a beautiful piece of art!

Chrissy said...

AWEsome colours Jane..love the effect you and the gold was a perfect finish.


creatingincolors said...

Lots of great info in this post - and a beautiful card!

Anne Agar-krill said...

Your video was fabulous and so relaxing to watch.You gave me so much inspiration for my next alcohol ink venture.Thank you so much .I really do get excited when I see a new post from you.Please keep them coming.

Rufus said...

gorgeous piece and I liked the video! you really did get a lot of control from the pen. I wouldn't have thought that the foil would stay stuck once the ink truly dried, but love the effect that it gave. Thanks for making the mistakes for us, lol. But I'm betting when I try this that I'll still find some of my own to make!

conil said...

Delighted that you make the mistakes so I won't. Just wanted to let you know, this piece is extraordinarily beautiful. Yes, the colors are gorgeous but the meticulous care you took to create those "bubbles" makes it a bit of perfection. Gilding it with gold is pure genius. Brilliant.

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