Sunday, 25 June 2017

Alcohol & Acrylic Inking Update

Following on from my recent attempt (cough!) at making a YouTube video (don't snigger!), I thought you might like to see the card that I made with the finished piece plus a couple of others.

 I actually did another inking off-camera and managed to get the 2 wide cards (above & futher down) from that piece.

 The 6x6 square card above came from a section of the one I made on film.

I did wipe both original pieces over with a wet wipe just before I assembled these into cards as the pink was coming off on my fingers (not sure why). A wipe with a wet one across the sheets and 2 mins to dry settled the pink for good and it no longer rubs off (Phew!)

So there you go. Inks are great fun and I love the randomness of the patterns.
If you want to watch the video on how I got this look click here or you can watch it over on my Youtube channel here.


Chrissy said...

They are really lovely Jane..I can stare at them for quite a long time..amazing what you can see when you look for a time.


cuilliesocks said...

Fabulous coloures and designs, must have a go at this, looks great fun Jane, Kate x

Mac Mable said...

Amazing what you did with the alcohol inks and how you made the cards, so eye catching. I mostly use ranger Alcohol Inks but do have a couple of Pinata ones...the gold is fabulous. However....the magenta colour doesn't stay stable and will change colour to a neon colour if I put gel or anything else on top of it! Great tip about the wet wipe, as my pink is sticky and behaves funny too...spooky!! Is it something about pinks? Hope we get another video soon??? x

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