Friday, 5 May 2017

Acrylic Pouring No 4

It's the weekend...Yay!
I'm still experimenting with Acrylic Pouring, following the techniques of the amazing Annemarie Ridderhof on YouTube. 
My pour on this card was made with cheap acrylic paint in red, black, and white, PVA glue, water and hair serum that contains dimethicone.
If you're not familiar with acrylic pouring then I really encourage you to check out Annemarie's YouTube channel where she experiments with all sorts of 'potions' to get the effect below...the cells.

 Basically you need acrylic paint, opaque & transparent colours, a medium to thin the paint so that it pours well and doesn't flake when dry (eg Liquitex Pouring medium, Floetrol, PVA glue), small amount of water to also help with the flow of paint and silicone (dimethicone). The silicone helps in creating the cell effect. You can get silicone spray but if you look at some hair products, they contain the same ingredient (dimethicone) and it smells much nicer.  I use a 99p hair serum from Home Bargains.
A cheap blow torch, the sort you use with Creme Brules, also helps in creating the cell effect.

Annemarie has over 100 videos with lots of techniques and experiments and she shows how much paint and medium to use. It is trial and error as different acrylic paint brands can react differently, but the important thing is that it's great fun!

I added some streaks of Silver Moondust from Nuvo for some glittery highlights.
The best bit is that 100% of your final card or canvas is totally your own work, an original work of art.


Mac Mable said...

I always smile when I see one of your posts pop up as I know I am going to learn something and be blown away...and yep, you've done it again! Amazing art and as you say unique and special to you x I have dipped into Annemarie's video's (amazing) and I thank you for the simple way of explaining the ingredients...from the paragraph 'Basically... ending in cell effect' I now understand! You have inspired me to give it a go...Thank you x

cuilliesocks said...

I just love this Jane, what wonderful patterns it makes, your chosen colours are so striking, Kate x

Chrissy said...

Wow..pretty spectacular my the colours and movement [I can see things ] this quite lumpy to touch when finished or has it dried flat..just wondering..FABulous as always.


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