Saturday, 22 April 2017

Acrylic Pouring 3

Welcome back to my 3rd attempt at acrylic pouring. You can see my previous attempts (1 & 2) by clicking on the Acrylic Pouring link in the Labels section in the sidebar.

For this pour I used 2 cheapie blues (above), a Winsor & Newton white, Liquitex Pouring Medium, water and hair serum (for the dimethicone / silicone ingredient).

The initial pour, which was the 'flip-cup' method was perfect...beautiful patterns, colour mix and cells.

Here are some close up photos....but...

 ... it's when I tilted the paper, which was just a regular piece of acrylic paper, that things went wrong and that's where I'm still learning. When the mix spread across the paper, the cells stretched and disappeared and the colours merged together (see above). It was just a blue-splodgy mess.

Fear not...all was not lost. The paint left over in my cup looked amazing and there was enough left to pour out a mini piece.

And here it is..... 

Because it was a smaller piece of paper to fill and therefore less tilting to get the paint to cover it, the patterns remained and cells stayed put.

These are tiny cards, 4 x 4 inch, that I managed to make from the tiny pour.
I love the ocean feel.
Still learning and still loving these experiments.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Hello Sunshine

A quick post from me today.
I love making cards like this, like mini- colouring books or pieces of wallpaper.

I used Altenew's 'Hello Sunshine' stamp set. It's a huge set with lots of flower and leaf images as well as 3 lovely sentiments. I stamped all over my card and then coloured with Promarkers. I used MFT's 'Big Hello' die to cut out my word and then stuck it back in again but with a foam background to give it some dimension.

I hope you can make out the Hello. I went a bit crazy with the stamping...but the recipient is equally crazy, so a match made in heaven. (She's gonna kill

Friday, 14 April 2017

Acrylic Pouring 2

Me again....and I'm back with another Acrylic Pouring and this time I've made the finished pourings into cards.

Regular stalkers of my wee bloglet may recall my first attempt at acrylic pouring and the amazing Annemarie Ridderhoff who has inspired thousands off us to give this technique a go (see post here).

Annemarie now has over 100 videos on YouTube and I highly recommend starting at the beginning to see how to start. You will learn about all of the 'ingredients' needed and measurements.  You don't have to watch them me... you will eventually. It's fascinating and highly addictive.

I used 4 colours...3 mega cheapies (pink, purple & gold) and a decent quality white. You need a mix of opaque and transparent paints. Hopefully you can see how much paint I used in each cup. I added Liquitex Pouring Medium, water and a squeeze of a hair product containing Dimethicone (...again, check out Annemarie's videos re dimethicone, which is a type of silicone, used to create the cells, like bubbles). I use a hair product instead of silicone spray as it smells nicer and silicone spray can be toxic if you breathe it in.

Once my paints are mixed in their individual cups to the perfect consistency, I add them one by one, starting with the white, into a fresh cup. I then trickled the paint around my piece of acrylic paper. You can use anything you like, Yupo, canvas, card, stones, shells...whatever you wish to cover. The sky's the limit. I then tipped the paper about, allowing the paints to flow. 

Can you see the cells? That's what the dimethicone / silicone does to the paint...creates those kinda cell / bubble effects.

If you then add heat from a blow torch (cheap creme brule torch), as I did in the photo above, you get even more tinier cells.

Once dry, I cut up my paper and created 4 card centrepieces.
 Here's one of them, it's a 6x6 inch card... 

...and here's another, same measurements.
I had a thinner strip left so cut that up and made 2 4x4 inch cards.
I will add sentiments to the smaller cards as and when they are needed. The backgrounds will be suitable for all sorts of occasions, plus I think it's sometimes nice to frame cards if they are original works of art.

Now, go and make yourself a cuppa and snuggle down for a marathon of Annemarie Ridderhoff videos. 

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Feeling Fruity

Something a bit fruity for you today.
This is a great stamp set from Sunny Studio called 'Fresh & Fruity' and it screamed out to be coloured in bright, zingy colours.

I started with a 6" × 6" piece of card and stamped a selection of fruits all over it and coloured them with Zig Clean Colour Brush markers. I used a scalloped border die from MFT to cut the card in half and stuck that piece on my first card base (see card above)

I was originally going to make 2 identical cards using the other half but then I decided to cut out the fruits from the other bit and create a fruity scene instead. 

I painted Glossy Accents on all of the fruits and added some sequins (gotta have sequins). The sentiments are from Altenew's 'Painted Greetings'.

See yer next time.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Acrylic Pouring 1

 Something a bit different from me today ... Acrylic Pouring.
I recently discovered an amazing lady from Holland called Annemarie Ridderhof and her brilliant Acrylic Pouring tutorials on YouTube. Annemarie is one of those artists who 'gives' constantly. A lot of artists won't share their techniques or answer questions. Annemarie gives everything, she goes over and over her technique, answers everyones questions and even tries out experiments on behalf of us crafters to save us the expense of things going wrong. She is one of those people that makes this world a better place and I can't thank her enough for sharing her knowledge.

I really do encourage you to check out her YouTube videos if you're interested in giving this a go.
Now before I go any further I must tell you that I haven't mastered this technique yet, I'm getting there but I have a way to go before I perfect it. Eventually I hope to make some canvas wall art and cards with my finished pieces ... at least that's the plan.

Prepare yourself for an initial outlay for tools, paints, mixatives and accessories and prepare BIG TIME to get messy. There are lots of variations on materials used, lots of experimenting with alternative products, so if you are going to give this a go, check out all of the available videos first before you dash out and spend your hard earned cash. 

In my experiment I used a decent brand of white acrylic and 3 cheap coloured brands. (Check out the videos regarding using opaque & transparent colours). I put a squirt of each colour paint into a plastic cup and then added Liquitex Pouring Medium, water and hair serum to each cup and stirred until I had a fluid stream of liquid. I then poured a bit of each colour, white first, into a fresh cup..a bit of white, then each colour, then repeated until I'd used up all of my paint.

I then put my piece of Yupo (you can use a canvas, wood, MDF, etc...) over the top of my cup, CAREFULLY flipped it over and placed it onto my make-shift drip tray (which is a cheap, foil, meat tray with 5 upside down plastic cups on which to balance my paper...the idea being that the paint can drip off the sides).
Leave the cup in place for a short while, wait for the paint to drop inside, then voila! (The photo above).

Wait and watch those cells (bubble-looking effect) appear. You then blow torch the paint and encourage more cells to be produced (photo above). This is what the hair serum is supposed to create. Hair serum is a cheap / nicer smelling alternative to sillicone / dimethicone.

Now it's at this stage that I am still learning, as now you are supposed to tilt the Yupo, or whatever you are using, and allow the paint to spread around. For some reason I am losing those beautiful cells as the paint stretches....Grrrr. I am getting a beautiful pattern but what I'm aiming for is a pattern AND cells (a stetched version of the 'spotty' photo above). 

I decided to mix up some more yellow, brown and white, with a tad more serum, and streaked it across the Yupo, blow torched it again and managed to get a 'lacing' effect in the yellow patch at the bottom.
I then totally lost my mind and sprinkled some silver glitter.

Here's a close up of one portion.
So it's early days in my experimenting with Acrylic Pouring, it's frustrating, but when I finally 'get it' the reward will be huge as the results can be breathtaking.
If you fancy giving this a go, check out Annemarie Ridderhof on YouTube and join the Acrylic Pouring Basics page on Facebook where we all encourage each other.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Bundles of Blossom

Ahoy! Me again.
With Mother's Day on the horizon, this is the card I've made for my MIL.

The background stamp is 'Bundles of Blossom' from MFT and it's flamin' gorgeous.

I die cut the word MUM using Altenew's Bold Alphabet dies but kept the letters in place while I coloured the pattern with Promarkers. 

Then I popped them out and stuck them back in again with foam pads for a bit of dimension.

To finish, a scattering of tiny 'Pink Peony' sequins from Pretty Pink Posh (Wow! That's a tongue twister).
See you again soon.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Altenew - Simple Flowers

My card today features Altenew's 'Simple Flowers' stamp set and a chocolate Mint Aero colour scheme.

Got you thinking about chocolate now, haven't I?

I recently bought myself all of the Brilliance Dewdrop inks from Tsukineko. They're older inks, been around for yonks, but they are beautiful, rich, pearlescent or metallic colours. You can buy them individually or in sets of 4 (cheaper) and they're really juicy inks.
These 4 colours came from the Tree House collection, beautiful greens and a rich chocolate colour. 

This was really easy to make... I cut a strip of card, stamped my images and added Nuvo Crystal Drops in Dark Walnut and Apple Green and then stuck the panel to my card base.

Now go and treat yourself to a chocolate bar.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Shaking Floral Frenzy

Hello and thank you for stopping by.
Today has been a beautiful day...the sun's been shining, birds singing, I've rescued a trapped butterfly and been feeding a poorly bee with sugar water. Not sure if he's going to survive though as I could see what looked like a mite on him... 🙁

My card today is for my lovely cousin's daughter Kira and I've gone shaker-crazy with a floral frenzy of bright colours. I love making cards like this with stamped images all over them, bit like theraputic colouring books.

I used MFT's 'Bold Blooms' stamps and Momento Dye inks (Lilac Posies, Dandelion, Tangelo, Grape Jelly and Rose Bud).

The sequins and beads were from my stash (sorry can't remember where I got them from) and the lettering made using Altenew's 'Bold Alphabet' die set.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Colouring with Polychromos

I thought I would step out of my comfort zone and have a go at colouring with pencils. I've had the Faber-Castell Polychromos for ages but I just keep looking at them and stroking them occasionally.

So it was time to put these bad boys into action, well...3 of them, Grass Green, Light Purple Pink and Dark Chrome Yellow. 

I used the stunning Beautiful Day stamp set by Altenew which is a layering stamp set but I just used the flower and leaf outline bits. This card is for a fellow crafter who needs some encouragement.

As always, the hardest part of this card was getting those darned sequins in just the right place but I got there eventually.
Time to colour card = 1hr
Time to position sequins = 3 days

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