Friday, 7 October 2016


I made this card for a young lady who is often adorned in fluorescent colours, so it was only right n' proper that Hero Art's Neon ink pads saw the light of day for her birthday card.

Here they are in all their dazzling, garish glory.

I used one of the larger splatter stamps from MFT's Distressed Patterns set. I think you can tell which one I used as it's stained with neon yellow.

I used my MISTI to stamp the colours as these inks can be quite blotchy on the first stamping, so being able to re-ink and stamp in exactly the same place was vital. If you haven't got a MISTI but have been 'umming n' arrring' about whether or not you really need one then I can say I highly recommend it. Yes it's expensive but if I added up the amount of card I've binned because I've not stamped evenly or the ink has been blotchy then it's repaid itself already. I have the original sized version as all of my cards are 6x6 inch. 
Christmas is coming....put in on your list... I promise you won't regret it and it has so many other uses (please note, it doesn't do the ironing or make tea, it's brilliant but not that brilliant)

I had planned to just stamp the 3 central 'splats' but got carried away and ended up creating a whole background of razzle-dazzleness. The name was made using an alphabet die by Marianne Designs and the birthday message is from one of MFT's stamp sets. To finish I highlighted the sides of some of the splats with a black, fineliner pen.


Ali said...

Tis fab me Dear and is that black outlining it really makes it pop :-) p.s.thanks for your comment on my blog it really made me laugh in fact I think there is still some coffee on the screen xxx hugs xxx

cuilliesocks said...

Wow! Fantastic colours Jane, love these splats, brilliant card, Kate x

Ineke said...

The outlining of somschrijving of those spats is brilliant!

conil said...

First, I FREAKING LOVE THIS AMAZING CARD! Not only the vibrancy but the detail added with your pen brilliantly enhances those splats. Even the name is perfectly lined up. So that makes this a perfect card, in my book.

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