Thursday, 7 April 2016

International 'Alcohol Ink' Rescue

Real life, dammit, has been getting in the way of late, hence the lack of posts.
I made this alcohol ink card a few weeks back and it's teeny, tiny one.

Stooooopidly I forgot to make a note of the colours....but assume it was reds, yellows n' oranges.

The original finished item was a disaster, but instead of binning it I set it aside for a few days while I pondered its fate.

I can't stress enough about not giving up when your alcohol inking projects go wrong.
I've got several distasterous creations on my desk that I just know I'll love another day. So please, please, please...don't despair if your final piece looks like a nightmare....often a masterpiece lies within.

Believe it or not, when I looked at my mess a few days later, I saw 4 tiny sections that I thought I could rescue so I cut out 4 x 1 inch squares, added foam pads et voila!

A splash of gold glitter and now I'm in love....see...told yer!


Chrissy said...

Beautiful photos too the colours on this one and the sparkle of the glitter....fabulous,.


Ineke said...

And it is beautiful. I love the small pieces not being the same but still work great together. The silver sparkle is awesome!

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Jane, a fabulous card with gorgeous vibrant colours, Kate x

creatingincolors said...

Do not despair - this card looks beautiful to me! I missed your posts!

conil said... glad you didn't toss this...what a find. Just gorgeous.

Karen Dunbrook said...

how pretty...I always do the same thing, walk away and look at it the next day.

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