Friday, 11 March 2016

Painting with Alcohol Inks

Brace yourselves... it's ANOTHER alcohol ink creation!
I can hear the yawns from
I can't help myself...I go to bed thinking inks, I wake up thinking inks...I blame the fumes!!

This is a 4.5"x4.5" piece of the cheaper, lightweight Yupo. I drizzled blending solution and some swishes of Cool Peri ink and just blew the fluids about in different directions with my Rangers air spritzer until it was dry. Cool Peri is a really, really pale mauve but it has these beautiful pink hues to the edges that I love.
I then flicked the ink nozzle to get tiny drips of colour (those bleached, looking bits in the centre).

I then did the same flicking motion with Pink Sherbert and...

...Eggplant. You do get inky fingers flicking the nozzle back but what the heck...I'm having wayyyyyy too much fun to care.

I bought these Distress Ink palettes so that I could paint with alcohol inks. You put a little squeeze of ink into each section, just enough to cover the bottom and leave to dry. To reactivate the colour, you just add blending solution or alcohol. I used a Rangers Alcohol Blending pen, filled with blending solution, to pick up the colours. 

Just use the pen like you would any pen, move it around your chosen colour, the ink reactivates and hey presto! You have an alcohol marker. I find you don't always have to wipe the marker completely clean before changing colour, just move from colour to colour as you wish. Obviously, if you're moving from dark to a light colour then clean it as best you can. I also find I don't have to clean it perfectly if I just want to create a dotty effect. 

To finish, I stuck the Yupo onto a piece of scrap card, added some silver, Stickles glitter for a touch of je ne sais quoi and adhered it to my card base with foam tape.
I hope you like it.


Barb said...

This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL Janey...I am loving all your experiments with alcohol inks...keep them coming.

Rufus said...

GORGEOUS! No yawns here. We of the inky fingers must stick together! Loving all your alcohol ink experiments, keep 'em up.

cuilliesocks said...

Gorgeous Jane, love the colours and the fact that you'll never get the same pattern twice, never bored by your fabulous creations, Kate x

cindybearj said...

Love this, love these colors, love alcohol inks! Thanks for sharing.

Karen Dunbrook said...

such pretty results.

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