Saturday, 5 March 2016

Alcohol Inks & Shaving Foam - Yupo vs Glossy Card

This is an old technique using shaving foam to create inky backgrounds, but I thought I'd see how Yupo & glossy card compared.
You will need shaving foam...this was Asda's value foam...dead cheap, something to squirt a layer on (eg a tray), a selection of inks, something to move your inks about with (I had a toothpick) & something to scrap the foam from your paper (I have a 6" rule). I also recommend some bits of kitchen towel as, if you're like me, you may get a tad messy 

First, squirt out a layer of shaving foam a little larger than your paper and flatten it as best you can.

Add your inks however you like. I wanted to create another wave scene so streaked ink across the foam, but you can just drip dots about, whatever you like, the world's your oyster.

I used Mermaid (top), Pool (middle), Aqua (bottom) & drizzled Snow Cap too, although to be honest I wouldn't bother next time with the white as it doesn't show up. I then swirled it about in a wavy pattern with the toothpick and laid my glossy card straight on top, gently pressing it into the inky foam (not too deep!)

I then repeated the whole process but this time with the Yupo.

I carefully lifted out the papers and scraped the foam away in one direction across the sheet.

The one above is the Yupo and you'll see that it didn't really work...the ink just wiped off, hardly adhered to the paper at all. However...

...the glossy card produced an amazing effect.
So, if you've not been abe to get your mitts on any Yupo yet but have some glossy to hand, then why not give this a go?


Tracey said...

Fabulous tutorial Jane, I've seen this technique before but I might just have a go this time :o)
Hope you're having a great weekend.

Chrissy said...

That is one rough ocean with roaring waves and I love the could if you wanted to, add more inks couldn't you..when it was dry..cant wait to see this one on a card..


cuilliesocks said...

Hi Jane thanks for showing this technique, heard about bur never seen it demoed, love the effect of it, Kate x

marilyn said...

It's a pretty effect, but IMHO, not worth all the shaving cream mess. The one nice side effect, is your cards usually smell pretty good for a while!

Unknown said...

Thank you for all your tutorials using alcohol inks. Keep them coming! I must admit that I have about a dozen bottles that have been sitting on the shelf. I did not have the confidence to use the alcohol inks. Now I am ready to take the plunge! Thank you for the info and the nudge!

cindybearj said...

Thanks for the info. It saves people from wasting Yupo paper on this technique. I love the one that turned out, it's beautiful!

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