Saturday, 20 February 2016

Doodling're probably gonna need your sunglasses for this one. 
This is another technique that I learnt from Joggles.
Honestly this woman has a lot to answer for...I live and breathe alcohol inks these days (quite

On this card I used the 74lb (200gsm) Yupo as I wanted my drops of ink to bloom into circles. If you've been reading earlier posts you'll remember that I've found some colours just don't seem to move on the lighterweight (110gsm) version without blowing them or adding blending solution.

I hope you can make out from the photos the colours I used.  Can you see on the first one how the Lemonade has a pink centre when dry and the Lettuce has an orange outer ring? These inks are so magical....can you understand my fascination?

I then dripped another drop of ink in the centre of each shape to create circles within circles. (Hope that makes sense?)

Once dry, I used Sharpie pens to doodle my 'blooms' into a flowery design.

I could sit here all day....and night, just playing with these inks....I love 'em!!


Craft-E-Place said...

I have been following your alcohol ink journey and I can totally understand your fascination - the results you have achieved are amazing. Today's card is simply amazing. The impact of your colour choices and the additional doodling is inspiring. I'm now convinced that I need alcohol inks and Yupo paper!

Gunilla/Nilla said...

This card makes me happy with all the beautiful spring colors, stunning!

Have to find me some Yupo right this minute!!!!

Ali said...

Tis fab - totally tropical! Xx

marilyn said...

I, too, am enjoying this alcohol ink adventure and my Yupo should be arriving today from Amazon! Anxious to try it out with my Tria inks! Love your enthusiasm....and your artwork.

Chrissy said...

I love the brightness of these colours Jane and the doodling adds so much more.This is one very pretty card, gorgeous in fact.Were the white doodles done with a sharpie as well, or a gel pen..??


Tracey said...

Gorgeous fresh & zingy card Jane & how did you get your doodling so neat!

cuilliesocks said...

Wonderful colours and fabulous design, I'm loving your cards Jane, Kate x

I Card Everyone said...

Jane this is a totally new to me technique, and I am completely enamored!! I've looked at every card, and watched the Joggles video - thank you for sharing that! I will be thinking about this as my newest artsy conquest! LOve your cards!!!
=] Michele

Unknown said...

hi--just happened upon your website and watched your alcohol ink tutorial--beautiful!! i took a class about 2 yrs. ago and sort of lost interest, however, you have totally inspired me to get with them again. the techniques you taught in this tutorial are easy and i love the result. have just put in an order for a number of the Joggles stamps, as i mostly do mixed media artwork. now i will have to add to my stash of alcohol inks. thanks so much, Jo Anne

Georgiana said...

Just found your blog and I love all the alcohol ink projects. They are my new fascination. Getting some great tips!

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