Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Hello From the Other Side

Yes.... Hello  from the other side of Christmas 2015 and welcome to 2016.
I had resolved ths year to make a card every day, give up Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter as well as start a strict diet.
5 days in and I have failed miserably so I have now resolved to give up all resolutions, which I should have resolved to do in the first place. 
Darned waste of 5 days...lol

Moving on...

...'Ere's a card I made using Winnie & Walter's 'In Bloom: Anna's Flora' stamp set. 
I masked off a strip across the centre of the card and stamped several of the flowery images on both sides.

I then added the Happy Birthday sentiment using W&W's 'The Big, The Bold and the Happy' set but to confuse you I have taken a photo (above) of a completely different sentiment set. (Don't ask!!)

It's all coloured with the ol' Zigs, because hey...that's how I roll.
A few regulation sequins et job done.
Right...I'm off...again.


marilyn said...

Love the simplicity of this layout! As for your resolutions...you know you set yourself up for failure with WAY too many resolutions...how could you give up Pinterest? Maybe the rest of them...but no Pinterest...not happening!!

cuilliesocks said...

Well Jane, this was one of the reasons I took a break from blogging for two or three weeks, my life was being taken over.
Love you summery card, the design and colours are wonderful, love your sequins too, Kate x

Tracey said...

LOL you do make me laugh Jane :o) (& that is a very nice stamp set even so).
Love you card & what a great idea.

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