Wednesday, 23 December 2015

A Confession...

Howdy Doody folks!
I've 4 million(ish) Christmas cards still to squeeeeeeze in before the big day but first a confession.
I bought...yes you read that right! I bought a pack of Christmas cards.
There! Said it! It's out in the more secrets. 
I had wayyyyyy too many to make this year, I panicked and in a moment of weakness I succumbed to a pack of supermarket cards.
(Hangs head in shame & slinks back to the naughty step)

MFT 'Dashing By' stamp
Memory Box 'Merry Christmas' die
Distress Ink smooshing

1 comment:

Chrissy said...

No shame in that Jane..I made all my clients cards, left them in a box, my seller arrived took them all and sold them...good for the pocket, but not for the panic that welled up inside me..but did them all over again and hid them..have now been given out..stress over.
LOVE this one..awesome background, cute little girl and she fits perfect on the die.[ I think the one on my cabinet is the best though..thankyou]. Have a great Christmas..


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