Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Clear Stamp Storage

Please ignore the post below as I've now revised my clear stamp storage system.
Read this post Here.

This is a hugely exciting post (Not!) about my clear stamp storage solution.
I have lots a few (in case Mr C reads this) stamp sets and some of the plastic packaging is starting to tear. I've trawled the universe looking for clear storage pockets, especially for the larger sets from Altenew, Winnie & Walter and MFT's tall sets. My fav' online store Make The Day Special is able to ship in the smaller pockets from Avery Elle in the US but otherwise it appears the Americans are keeping the larger pockets to themselves for

Today I found some A5 punched pockets in Rymans (£1.97 for 20) and thought I'd give 'em a go. (I know, I need to get out more!)

The larger stamps fit perfectly and there's room for a piece of white card behind.

These large Altenew and Winnie & Walter sets are about 6" x 8" so I'm dead chuffed I've found a replacement pocket to store them in and...

...MFT's tall sets don't stick out the top...Yay!
I'm soooooo easy to please.

Because I'm a bit of a saddo, I'm going to move all of my stamp sets into these pockets now, even the smaller sets.

I haven't got a label machine (Hint! Hint! Mr C if you're struggling for a birthday present idea), so for now I've cut off the company header from the original packaging, stuck it on the reverse of the white card and written the name of the stamp set.

I can also keep any special instructions in the back or...

...Post-It masks that I've cut out.

So there you have incredibly interesting (yawn) clear stamp storage solution.
It's gotta be up there with the invention of the internet or landing on the moon on the scale of 'interestingness' & 'enlighteningnessnessness'

I'm off to get a life... see yer x


Zarah said...

Haha!! I am definitely interested - I think maybe us crafty nerds often also contain a bit of an organizational nerd? Or maybe we just have too many things... LOL
Anyway! I like this post, and I also wanted to say hello.
I found your blog a while back during a hop or maybe via a gallery... I was super impressed and left a comment or two, but then I didn't save your link so imagine my joy when I found you again via MFT's card super star gallery (which you should definitely be one of the winners in, if I get a vote!!) aaand here I am! Bookmarked you to - so no getting rid of me now. :P

Have a lovely day!

cuilliesocks said...

Well you are certainly organised Jane, well done you. Always good to see how others store their stuff, not boring at all, Kate x

Ali said...

Rock & roll!!! - but some good ideas there. I am shocking, all my stamps are chucked (err I mean strategically placed in basket) and they are sticking to each other - nightmare, or becoming separated if they have come in a few together!! Next can we have a nosy at how you store your dies - living dangerously!!! mwah!!

marilyn said...

And how do you store all these lovely pockets?

Chrissy said...

Well, I found this extremely interesting as my clear stamps are all over the place in drawers and I cannot find anything..probably why I don't stamp very often.1 pound 50 is only 5 buks in NZ dollars so that is quite affordable for me. I love how you have labelled them and with your masks inside..well worth going for a peak..hope they sell on line..


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