Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens Review

Ok, so it seems the latest 'must have' item in the crazy world of crafting are the Kuretake Zig Clean Color Real Brush pens. Now if you want my honest opinion then it would be to stop reading this drivel and GO BUY SOME NOW!!!!!
Then, and only then, come back & read my review.

There are loads of reviews about, lots of colour chart samples and more 'ravings' than you can shake a stick at.
I've spent countless evenings reading everything there is to know about these bad boys and sat in a dribbling mess as I've drooled watching demonstration videos.

So, first up, as I live in Blighty, I got my wee collection (ahem) from Cult Pens. Please note I am in no way in cahoots with this company or Kuretake for that matter, but if you've got something great to shout about then why not give 'em a plug.
I decided to choose my own individual pens rather than go for the pre-made sets as there were quite a few colours in each collection that I thought I'd never use....plus....it didn't really work out any more expensive choosing colors that I like.
The expense really comes when you need to buy a whole new set of nails or a posh manicure when you've FINALLY got the flamin' wrappers off each individually wrapped pen.

So here are the colours that I bought. Each pen is actually a fine brush and I reckon these will last years (providing offspring don't get their grubby mitts on them or leave the lids off!!) as you only need a tiny amount if you're using them with a paint brush.

Here's a link to Jennifer Mcguire, who is a sickeningly talented and inspirational crafter, with more details on how to use these babies. I've already sent her a request to adopt me so join the queue!! ☺ 
I've literally brushed about 1/2 inch of each colour onto watercolour paper and then swiped a wet paintbrush through so that you can see the true & watercoloured colour (Hope that makes sense?!)
I haven't enhanced the lighting or edited the colours either, so what you see is what you'll get.

The colours are vibrant, beautifully fresh and dead, dead, dead easy to use. You get MANY shades of colour from just one pen, they can be used as a marker as well as for watercolouring and you DO NEED THEM....honest Guv'.
What's that 'sniffing', 'sobbing' sound?
That'll be my Promarkers heading off on their LONG vacation....Bon Voyage fellas.
So....to summarize.



Tracey said...

Fab review Jane :o)
I don't need anymore pens, I don't need anymore pens, I don't need anymore pens,
I don't need anymore pens, I don't need anymore pens...

Marigold Studio said...

Hi, just bought a new set of 48 from amazon, but none of them are individually wrapped!!! Getting concerned.... Do you know if they are being sold that way now..? I've seen people opening each pen individually and am worried why mine aren't packaged that way!

Thanks, Manisha,

Zarah said...

Hahahaha!! Poor Promarkers, and poor nails!
And hey... If you adopt me and Jennifer Macguire adopts you - I am stepadopted by Jennifer, or something like that? (I will need Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to sort out the fineprint of adoptees and adopters and step adopting and all that jazz. They're pros!) I think that sounds like a plan, actually! ;)

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