Friday, 17 April 2015

Distressed Water Colouring



Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by.
It’s been a fabulous week for gardening, although Wednesday was a tad too hot for me (25C) and weirdly hot for mid April. Of course, once I get home from work there’s also lots to do in our garden, but I did get one
evening free to play with some new crafty goodies.


Yes, it’s another floral image, but I’m a sucker for them!
This set is called Persian Motifs from Altenew…


… & I used a fabulous gold, glittery embossing powder from Wow - Pearl Gold Sparkle (thank you Kate for the heads up on this amazing product).


I have finally caught up with the rest of civilisation & got my mitts on some (ahem!) distress ink pads. I say ‘some’…. cough…


…cough… I mean all of the distress ink pads. These are the mini versions that come in packs of 4…


…and I got them from the USA via Amazon UK, so there wasn’t any customs to pay, free P&P and in many cases they were at least £2 cheaper than anyone sells them for in the UK.

PicMonkey Collage

Having embossed my image (on water colour paper), I painted the flower with water (see left-hand image), then, using my mini distress ink pads, I pressed my chosen colours onto a craft mat, added a bit of water then very lightly added the ‘paint’ to my image, allowing the water to move the colour about.


Easy water colouring.


Time for the foliage…


‘Watering’ the image beforehand creates such a beautiful effect, no need to brush.


When the card had dried I felt it needed a splash of extra glitter so I put the teeniest pinch of perfect pearls powder into some water & just went over my colour again to add a touch more sparkle.


Finally a sentiment from Winnie & Walter & a few blobs of an orange perfect pearls here & there….ooooh…and there too…lol.

Hope you like.
Have a groovy weekend everyone.








christi said...

you sound like me. why get 1 when u can get them all. great job on the image. you are such a good colorer. that's not my forte. I keep trying. i'm on the other side of the pond and love some of the stuff I see trickle in from the uk and Australia. amazon has such a variety of stuff. it's hard to know what's out there until you see one then look for more and it blows my mind. I got a crown die from a co. I didn't even know wxisted. found many more that I may have to invest in. have a great day.

Ali said...

Love this your colour combo is fab!! Wow!!! how many di's - Ive got 4 minis and 4 bigger pads I think and 2 embossing powders - lol - I'm always late to the party!!!

Lindsey said...

Gorgeous! Really vibrant x

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