Sunday, 15 March 2015

Greatest Give-Away Ever!


Before I get to my AMAZING give-away, here’s my card for today.
Another gorgeous floral stamp set, this time from Mama Elephant ‘Freestyle Florals’ with a Winnie & Walter ‘The Big, The Bold and Party’ sentiment.
I had planned to colour in the flowers but fav’ daughter walked in the room & said ‘Ooooh,  Très sophisticated, leave it like that’.
Who was I to argue?

Kira Holden (4)

So, our house is full of lurgy.
In order to rid chez-nous of said lurgies, I will be offering all of you, yes you lucky readers, the chance to get your grubby mitts on one of the many symptoms on offer in…

“The Great British Virus Give-Away.”

There’s lots of opportunities to win, lots of ‘prizes’ on offer, you just need to follow this blog & leave a comment stating which prize you’d like to win.

Dripping tap nose
Annoying cough
Aversion to light
Shaking with cold
Hot sweats
Red nose

I think you’ll agree, a give-away NOT to miss.
But wait!
One lucky person will receive ALL, yes you read that right…ALL of the symptoms above!!
So what are you waiting for?
All prizes will be dispatched with the utmost hasteWinking smile

Good luck!!


Chrissy said...

I would like to comment on your fabulous elegant card Jane...but please do not put me in the draw for the dreaded lurgy..I wouldn't want to deprived you of all the fun..
I love the image left clean...gorgeous.


christi said...

ok, so I already have dripping nose, sneezing, and cough as well as chills, I don't know how my hot seats got out of the house, they are a permanent fixture here, aches and pains are just routine events, better get use to them so that leaves me with aversion to light- can I maybe sleep longer? dizziness, or red nose. my dh us retireed military have plenty of fatigues (that's what they call there daily uniform). hope you feel better soon!

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