Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Latest Newsletter from The Doc’

Newsletter #18
Spring is in the air, according to the calender, and Dr. Digi
has taken a trip to the bottom of the garden for a new
batch of digis....

Grimble Grumble” & “Gnome Sweet Gnome”
Click images to view the digis

Grimble Grumble”, like all good Gnomes, is a house-proud
little creature and he has good reason to be, with such an
enviable abode. It certainly is a
“Gnome Sweet Gnome”.
No Place Like Gnome ” & “Slam Dunk Duncan”
Click images to view the digis

“No Place like Gnome” is a digi scene combining
Grimble Grumble, Gnome Sweet Gnome and Watering Can
to make a picturesque digi for those who like a challenge!
“Slam Dunk Duncan” is a pre coloured digi for those that
like a little of the hard work done for them, so they can
concentrate on card making.
Watering Can” & “Grumpy Monkey”
Click images to view the digis

Watering Can” is taking over from “Grumpy Monkey”
as this month freebie. But don’t worry you can still find
our furry friend in the Cheapies section for just £1!
The spot prizes keep coming and this time Jackie Wallace
hit lucky by placing our 2000th order. You never know where
the next prize will be, so keep posting and ordering, and it
might be you next!
Keep crafting and smiling and we'll see you all in a couple of weeks.
Dr. Digi

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