Monday, 11 March 2013

The Day After the….Day Before!


Morning All!
Thought I’d share with you today the cards made for me by my weird awesome offspring for Mother’s Day yesterday. The one above was made by my favourite daughter Sophie…of course I use the term ‘favourite’ extremely loosely as from the front you would be forgiven for thinking that she is such a sweet girl who loves her mum dearly by producing such a beautiful work of art.
This is her sticker on the back….


….little Moo!!!!!
And then there’s my favourite son’s creation….


….hmmmmmm I think he was referring to my Nicki Minaj physique by making this card. Wasn’t sure if I was s’pose to strangle him in a Homer / Bart Simpson style or give him a hug…..answers on a postcard please!
So there you go….my stash of bubble baths has been replenished & a pot of Hyacinths & Daffs’ adorn the kitchen window sill so I have forgiven the little monsters angels (cough!)
Have a great week everyone xx


Chrissy said...

Too funny Jane [putting you out of] what a ratbag..but if she painted this herself it really is very good...lovely in fact..and love the image and colouring on your sons! gotta love them..all should be forgiven...the flowers on the window sill say so!!..


Dianne said...

Amazing 2 more creative people in your family that is sooo KOOL. thanks for sharing all this creativity and have a great day..

Sandy said...

They do sound like "sweet" children, LOL. Two fab cards to help you celebrate!

heidy said...

Wow Jane your monsters uhhhh kinds are really talented,I bet they have that from your hubby lol!!!
Love both cards,you must be so proud of them!!
Big XXX Heidy

Sue said...

Gorgeous cards Jane. I think you children must share your sense of humour!
I hope you have a great week too.
sue xx

Tammy said...

Wow, lucky you to have two such talented offspring and with wonderful senses of humor! Fabulous cards for a fantastic mom!

Patrice said...

Hello Jane, as seen your son has a lot of humor and is also very creative ... AND LOVE! Good work.
Greets Patrice

Unknown said...

hey crazy ladie is that you sunbathing there !! they are talented, cant think who they get that from !! not you for sure :)

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