Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Roll on Half-Term

Liz Edwards (12)

Well the kids are back at school today after the Christmas hols’ and boy was it a struggle for us all to get up this morning after so many late nights. There were alarm clocks going off all over the house, the snooze buttons being pressed & then going off again 5 minutes later, alas not in unison so it was almost like a bell ringers convention for 20 minutes!
I’ve shimmied round with the vacuum & duster, shoved stuff in the the washing machine and shuffled bits n’ pieces of paperwork …I know, such a rock n’ roll lifestyle.
The house is so quiet, Mr C is busy at work in the ‘other room’ and is too ‘in the zone’ to have idle chats with me. Thank goodness the offspring will be back again soon & the house will return to normal.
Roll on half-term!


Sue said...

Gorgeous card Jane, I love the image.
I know what you mean about the house being too quiet the only good thing is I can sing along to the radio without anyone laughing at me!
Sue xx

Chrissy said...

I had a pink rabbit as a child and my Mother washed it one day and all I had left was an ear...so she told me...mmmm...been hoodwinked I feel..Fabby CAS card...and really!!??you like the kids at home? I used to pay mine to disappear...lol..well, sort of.


heidy said...

Super cute card Jane!!
XXX Heidy

Tammy said...

Glad to hear you had quality time with the laundry! Adorable card, love, love the sweet image!

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