Saturday, 12 January 2013

Icelandic Poppy Seed Head


When not pulling my hair out trying to create a simple shop on Blogger, banging my head on a brick wall and ranting at a laptop, I can be found, at peace, creating my next digital stamp.

This is my latest image with yet another highly original title of ‘Icelandic Poppy Seed Head’ which will be available here at Janey’s Digi  Designs just as soon as I can get my head around Paypal.

Icelandic Poppy Seed Head Photo

If you grow Icelandic Poppies then it’s always best to keep deadheading to encourage further blooms but towards the end of the season it’s worth leaving the seed heads to drop their petals & then this is what you’re left with. I think the seed head is far more beautiful than the flower itself.


Ali said...

Gorgeous image - you are very talented!!! Hope you get your shop sorted soon xxxx

Sue said...

Another wonderful image Jane and I love the card you have made with it.
I hope you mangae to get your shop sorted before you go bald!
Sue xx

Faye said...

Hi Crazy Rant Woman. You'll get there. You need to as your images are rather darn fab. Have a great weekend. X

Tammy said...

Hmm, wondering if deadheading is the case for all poppies such as my Alaskan? Gorgeous, gorgeous card and fantastic image and coloring!

Unknown said...

Get you!! I'm well impressed and have 'followed' you with excited anticipation. Always knew you were a p*** (oh sorry, an artist lol). Truly beautiful designs and something different, hope your hubby got a nice big slobbery xmas kiss.
Ellie Maggie x

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