Sunday, 27 January 2013

Birthday Boy

Thankfully my son wanted something other than video, TV & computer games (yawn-city…Zzzz Zzzz) for his birthday last weekend…he wanted a ‘proper’ basket ball net & stand. The basket ball ensemble is ENORMOUS and our plan for him to be able to wheel it up & down the drive onto the street to play with went out the window within seconds of its erection.
The base is filled with sand and it’s so heavy even Mr Muscle C struggled to shift it, so he dragged its leaden weight back down the drive against the house. As it’s too heavy to be dragged on a regular basis backwards & forwards, Mr C and birthday boy went off in the car to buy a heavy duty padlock & chain to attach it to the house wall for fear thieves might steal it. Just after he left a gust of wind swept down the drive sending it crashing to the floor…thank goodness the car wasn’t there, I think it would have chopped it in half…lol.
Anyway, there it is outside the front door to annoy all the neighbours with the bang, bang, banging & thud, thud, thudding that only balls against walls & windows make.


Sue said...

Such a fabulous image, perfect for your son's birthday.
Have a great Sunday
Sue xx

heidy said...

Fabolous card and Happy belated Birthday to your son!!!
XXX Heidy

Tammy said...

Wonderful news that your son has interests other than electronics! Super awesome image and card for the birthday boy! Happy Birthday Oliver!

Ali said...

Lol - great image and layout - ooh glad I'm not your neighbour although I could send the kids out with skateboards lol xxx Hope Oliver has a great Birthday xxx Let me know how having a teenage boys is - Im on countdown to April!!! aargh!!!

Tracey said...

Fabulous card Jane, I bet Oliver loved it & I hope he had a wonderful birthday :)

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