Tuesday, 4 December 2012


The birds are back in the garden stuffing themselves silly in preparation for the cold weather ahead.
Some are regular feathered friends of the Tidy Garden.
Take Norman the Wood Pigeon, not the brightest of birds. The other day I watched as he pecked his way through a slice of bread. His table manners aren't particularly great, he has a habit of flicking his food across the lawn with each bite. On this occasion though, the daft-arse flicked the slice over his head onto his back and then stood gormlessly looking about wondering where it had gone!
The he gave up & wandered off to find more grub, still wearing his stale Warbuton's accessory. 
It was like a panto scene with me yelling from the window "It's behind you!!!!"
Then arrived Mr Blackbird, who's clearly undecided as to which side of the fence he sits.
It all goes on in our garden.
Promarkers, glitter.
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Caroline said...

Gorgeous card the robins are so cute and I love the layout. Caroline xxx

Ali said...

Very traditional looking card - great. Are you going to be feeding your birds some of your 'yummy'cough christmas cake -lol xx

heidy said...

Love this image Jane and your card is gorgeous!!
XXX Heidy

Sue said...

Hello Jane, thanks for making me laugh again! I could perfectly visualise that poor pigeon looking for the bread he was wearing!
Your card is gorgeous, I love those robins and your colouring is fabulous.


Tammy said...

Hmm, not sure but I think pigeons only speak pigeon or else he's deaf besides being a daft-arse!! Fantastic card, absolutely beautiful!

Tracey said...

Gorgeous card Jane, the image really stands out with the green & red against the white - very festive :D

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