Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Close Shave

A close shave...but not of the leg hair variety. No, it's winter for goodness sake, one needs as much natural 'foliage' as possible to stay warm on those days when Mr C has his Scrooge-Heating-Head on.
The close shave came in the form of a last minute reprieve for the printer which almost met the sharp end of a heavy implement yesterday.  Mid afternoon, after almost 24hrs of wrestling with wires & instructions, installing & uninstalling, pressing this button & that knob and having a major nervous breakdown, in rode my knight in shining armour (well...my genius-with-a-compoooooter-brother turned up in his silver Renault Megane ) and saved the day. That said, it took him a further 5 hours to work out that the printer was working fine and that a heap of Windows updates had messed up the printers program and my poor fluffy-bunny-wunny-printer-winter (that's enough sucking-up!) was innocent all the time (Gulp!)
Hoorah for my Bro'!
This was to be my final Christmas card posting this year but I've missed 2 people (EEK!) so I may have a couple more to share later in the week. Thank goodness my darling, sweet, gorgeous printer is working (do you think printers hold grudges?)


Caroline said...

Jane this is fabulous I love the image and design is fanatastic. Caroline xxx

debby4000 said...

Love your gorgeous beautiful card Jane

Chrissy said...

Super cute card Jane,loving the red.. and so glad the printer issue is ressolved..isn't it fuuny how we talk to mechanical things, ever so nicely when we want them to work..I turn mine off if I dont want it to hear what I really think of it sometimes..


Sue said...

Well, I am relieved that you printer has survived and that it was innocent all along!

Your card is gorgeous, I love the image and beautiful paper.


Tammy said...

Lovely card Jane! As far as your printer goes . . . don't turn your back!

heidy said...

Fabolous card Jane!!
XXX Heidy

Ali said...

Oh pants missed loads of your posts - so sorry I've not left you any cheeky comments my lovely :-( but your cards are gorgeous and v jealous of the techniques (omg I'm not even sure if thats how you spell it!!!) loving your inky pad do dah ones - fabaroony. May your legs be as hairy as mine!!! mwah, mwah and a hug xxx

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