Friday, 23 November 2012

Panic Stations!

"Silent Night (not)
Choking, snoring, spluttering night
All aint calm
I look a sight"
After a 3rd night sleeping on a dodgy blow-up bed on the floor in our Sof's bedroom while she's poorly, my usual Elle Macpherson look first thing in the morning has been missing of late.
It's like being woken up every 2 hours by a meerkat, in this case it's to dispense pain killers rather than fluffy toys. Fingers crossed that she's possibly turning a corner today in her recovery. She's reached a 3/10, having been 2/10 for the past 2 weeks on the 'How Rubbish Do You Feel' scale (which is an official medical tool!)
 Now...there comes a point in everyones life when sheer terror & panic sets in. For some it's the sight of a spider, for others it's a scary movie and for many it's toast accidently covered in Marmite.
For us crafters it's Christmas suddenly appearing days, rather than months, away.
Brace yourselves...31 days to go (minus 29 in order to give postie time to
Panic stations! I have resorted to using some peelies, yes I know...'groan'...peelies (there...said it again)...peelies, peelies, peelies... to make a lot of CAS cards for Mr C alongside dies from Memory Box & Cheery Lynn & some gems.
I know I've sinned...forgive me.


Caroline said...

These card's look so effective I love the bauble. Take care. Hugs Caroline xxx

Ali said...

Oh hun - peelies are fine your cards look fab glad Soph is getting a little better sending you all hugs xxx

Sue said...

Oh Jane, I do hope Sophie has turned the corner and fingers crossed for a better night tonight. Joking aside it really is awful when our children are ill.

I certainly do not think you have sinned! Quite the opposite, you have managed something really amazing, you have made peelies look wonderful and I for one am inspired!!

Take care

Chrissy said...

Tis a sin I will forgive, as I have resorted to CAS cards, even more CAS than last year, as the postage was going to kill
Going to be a stamping weekend for me....these are gorgeous,peel offs or not, love the colours and design...beautiful.
Hope your daughter picks up soon, must be a real nasty bug..


Tammy said...

Crossing fingers for your daughter's good health! No sin in peelies, I think they're beautiful! Love how you've hung the baubles from pretty dies.

Tracey said...

Just catching up...
Glad I'm not the only one panicking lol
Sorry to hear Sophie's been poorly, hope she's well on the mend now.

Debbie said...

The cards look great

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