Thursday, 22 November 2012

Bedside Manners

Thank you to everyone for your good wishes to my Sophie. Poor kid's been ill for over 2 weeks first we all thought it was the flu, including the doctor. Then it turned out to be tonsillitis but the antibiotics didn't work so now, after a third visit to the doctors she's on stronger meds, pain relief & throat numbing sprays, blah, blah, blah (along with lollies & ice-cream). Hoping that everything kicks in's awful to see her so unwell & unhappy.
Maude Doodlebuns (above) has a wonderful bedside manner, people always seems to miraculously feel better when she's around...hmmmm....I wonder why?
Papers - Dovecraft Happy Birthday collection
Promarkers, Martha Stewart border punch.


Jacki Daniels said...

sorry to Sophie is feeling yukkie throat infections are nasty blitters at the best of times hhhmmmm I also wonder why people get better when she's around lol love the hair though
Jacki xx

Caroline said...

Fabulous card the image made me smile. Hope Sophie feels better soon. Caroline xxx

Sue said...

Oh poor Sophie, it's no fun for children being ill for so long. I hope she is better soon.

Fab card, such a brilliant image!


Kelly Lloyd said...

Fab image on this one.
Hope Sophie feeling better soon

Tammy said...

Oh so glad to hear your daughter is on the mend! Hope the medicine helps quickly and she back to normal soon! Love your card, I think Maude just scares everyone until you do what she tells you too! Great dress and hair!

heidy said...

Fabulous card,I just colord my hair,but she looks a lot like me. Hope Sophie feels better soon!!
XXX Heidy

Ali said...

Give Soph a hug from me - are you ok you are probably worn out too :-( Great card omg you have no idea how much it looks like me I have the biggest spot on my chin and it just WONT go so now its even redder and angrier looking and I've got to go to work aargh!!! I supoose the good thing is it doesn have hairs in it like maudes - lol. Take care lovely xxx

Unknown said...

oh bless, give her lots of mummie love and cuddles, hope she feels better soon.

the woman on the card looks a lot like you !!

judie x

Chrissy said...

Hee..hee..this is awesome..reminds me of my grandmother when I was sick..I was too darn scared to be..


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