Sunday, 21 October 2012

Older and Wiser?

Just a tad.
I think...NOT!
Tiz my birthday today...WOOP! WOOP!
The card above was made by my uber talented daughter Sophie...
...and this one by the creative genius that is my son Oliver. 
As you can tell, he'd got his mitts on some of my recent craft purchases but I was amazed at what he had produced, stamping the background trees again without re-inking so it looked like even more trees behind.
I was lucky and got another selection of Adirondack inks for my birthday but then the dilemma of how to store them....cue visit to DIY stores & craft shops ...nothing.
Came home and found this old box in a wardrobe that had been a posh wine-glass gift-box. See! I knew it would come in handy one
It'll probably collapse before the week is out...but it's holding up for now!
And there's my growing collection of new inks on the bottom shelf...sighhhhh.
Off to catch up on some DT stuff...have a great week everyone.


Ali said...

Wow the kids cards are fab!!! Enjoy your day and have a nice play with your ink pads xxx Happy Birthday xxx

Joey said...

Happy Birthday Jane! Your kids cards are fantastic! Joey xx

Faye said...

Blimey! How much wine did you get in there?!! Fab storage idea. Loving you cards too. Happy birthday. X

Unknown said...

Happy birthday to you!! Hmmm, just a 'tad' older?? I wonder....yes, I'll allow it as it's your birthday. What fabulously talented kids you have and your pride shines through your words. I LOVED the first card, but then I saw the 2nd card and LOVED that too!! I declare the result a draw. Enjoy the rest of your day.
Ellie Maggie x

Chrissy said...

A very Happy Birthday Jane, hope you had a wonderful day especially with your very talented kids...I love both cards, the poppies are just gorgeous, very classy card, and love the scene with the trees..very clever.
Are those ink pads really as big as they look..


Tammy said...

Happy birthday and I wish you many more! Lucky for you to have talented children, their cards are wonderful!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Jane!!
I LOVE your cards made buy your ultra talented children and I am sure you will treasure them too.
Enjoy the rest of your day


Doctor Digi's House of Stamps said...

Oh nooo.. ok i'm only a few mins belated.. Happy Birthday Jane. Hope you had a corker of a day =0)

Renee B. said...

Happy Birthday Janey....your kids cards are awesome...talented, just like their Mum!
Hugs, Renee

Tracey said...

Nice to see your kids have inherited the creative gene (& these cards are sooo creative & stunning!)
Hope you had a fab birthday & got waited on hand & foot :D
PS the new crafty stash looks fab & the recycled storage too

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