Saturday, 28 July 2012

Thorpe Park Disappointment

For anyone hoping to enjoy the thrills of catching a yellow, rubber duck on a hook at the end of a long bamboo stick, the excitement of landing a ping-pong-ball in a glass jam-jar or the sheer, boundless joy of a slow-moving, gentle miniature railway ride....avoid Thorpe Park!
Looking to be catapulted at 80mph up a 210 foot, spindly track in 2 seconds? Seeking the enjoyment in hanging upside down whilst being hurtled around a twisting, turning, gut wrenching, bowel-moving ride narrowly missing a string of obstacles? Then tap 'Thorpe Park' in your sat navs final destination
Then there are those who go on these adrendaline sapping, heart-stopping rides alone without someone to hold their hand or needing a change of underwear once it's all over?
Why would you put yourself through such a terrifying ordeal? Ask my crazy daughter, who has more guts than I've had hot dinners, and I guess you'd get your answer.
I was more than happy to spectate and supervise the 'family-day-out-emergency-supply-bag'.
A great day was had by all yesterday, a thoroughly pleasant outing for all the family.


Ali said...

How brill is that image!!! I know what you mean about Thorpe Park - Jack lurves it there the faster and scarier the better!!! Luckily dad steps up to the plate to go with him - or he'll even go on his own!! I used to love rollercoasters etc. but cant stomach them now (must be an age thing - plus the fear of wetting myself lol!!!)

Sue Jones said...

I agree- why would you want to do that?! We have a school trip each year to Alton Towers and I have to say i NEVER volunteer to go :)
Your card is Gorgeous BTW x

Chrissy said...

I like my insides to stay exactly where God intended and keep my feet firmly on the ground..holding bags of souvenir shopping and handbags while the others get their thrills...would rather catch little yellow ducks and love putting ping pong balls into the clowns mouth..even though you only win a pencil, that thrill will alway stay with

Gorgeous card, love the attitudes, love the colours too, great combo..


Caroline said...

Gorgeous card love the image and the layout is beautiful. Caroline xxx

heidy said...

Oh Jane love this card this is the digi that made me fall in love with Mo's digi's ,It's so funny!
Great colors!
Hope your okay after your trip lol!!
XXX Heidy

Sandy said...

How pretty are those colors - really wonderful image. I used it one time for my younger sister's birthday card. Love it!

Unknown said...

Super images , they are so cute and your card is super well done Hugs Elaine

Faye said...

Are you the short one?! ;) xx

Tracey said...

I'm with you there Jane! I don't like any ride that moves (I'm a bit dodgy in a car lol).
Fabulous card, love that image :)
Hope you're having a fab week pal.

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