Saturday, 14 July 2012

See Yer!

That's it....E-nuff's E-nuff!
Selling up & moving to somewhere sunny, not too hot..but sunny!
See Yer!



Ali said...

Howay and move oop north!!! weather fab, do you know I've seen the sun two days on the trot!!! get me!!! Love the card mrs cute image. How did you say you got the embossed square in your cards???

Tammy said...

Adorable card! Love the fun colors! Wish I could send you some sunshine!

Faye said...

Send a postcard, just like this one, okdokies?! xx

heidy said...

Don't come here,the weather here is terrable too,we have some heavy rain this evening,well all week really!
Loveyour sweet card!
XXX Heidy

Chrissy said...

I gotta spare room here, middle of winter and beautiful and sunny..good weather for building fences..and gardening. 17oC - 64oF days..just right...but gets pretty hot in the summer...fabulous card, love the button flowers..


Alice said...

i adore this image and the simple design. fabulous card, Jane! hope you have a lovely weekend! =)

Sandy said...

Just as cute as it can be --- I need some sun too!!!!!!

Tracey said...

I'm coming with yer!

Fab card as always :D

Julie said...

So perfectly less is more, Jane!! Bet you regret moving now just as the heatwave arrives here!! :) Juliexx

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