Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Promarker Away-Day

Yes...the ol' Promarkers are out for the day at a spa. Trust me...some were beginning to look a bit ropey & haggard, too many late nights and for some I fear a touch of substance abuse (that's the ones too close to the glue pot).
Of course their away-day has left me somewhat bereft. I can't remember life before my Promarkers arrived and so I've spent the day pacing the room trying to remember how I use to colour images in.
Voila! Cotton-wool-buds (AKA ear cleaners....clean ones!!) dipped in some old Whispers ink pads. Problem is I have nothing left to clean my ears with....now...where are those darned Promarkers?!

Forever Friends Spring papers, Nellie Snellen leaf punch,
Craftwork Cards sentiment, flower from stash


Sue Jones said...

Ha Ha I am a copic girl myself but I know exactly what you mean! I *think* I used to water colour . Your Card turned out brilliantly :) Hope your ears are okay.

Ali said...

'cor your hands must have been shaking without a trusty pro-marker to keep em steady!!! Love your make - loving the leafy/fern type die cuts - sure you know what I mean xx

Tammy said...

Beautiful, beautiful card! Hope you find your promarkers only for your peace of mind!

Sandy said...

I love ducks - especially baby ones. I think whatever you did to color this image, you did it extremely well. Best wishes to your new colored ears!

debby4000 said...

Gorgeous, sweet card.

Unknown said...

You have coloured this beautifully its a super image , I cant remember how I coloured in either, but you have done a great job , hope you find your PM's soon Hugs Elaine

Faye said...

Please don't answer the door when you have promarkers sticking out of your ears. Even if it is the nice man with the cosy white coat. Cute duck. xx

Tracey said...

Awww this is soo pretty :)

Lorianna said...

This is SUPER cute
LOVE the soft colors!!
Beautiful job!

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