Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Another Wedding Drama...

So here you go, another Wedding Card request for a couple getting hitched next month.
Again, memories of my crazy wedding day came flooding back.
My dress was a beautiful, full-on meringue which needed a special hooped petticoat underneath to give me that ultimate puff-ball look. All day I floated about like a beautiful princess, wafting my big frock here n' there, knocking over small children & ornaments.
My parents had kindly agreed that we could have our reception at their house with a small marquee in the garden. Because my dress was so 'meringuey' I couldn't fit into their downstairs 'cloakroom' to use the facilities when nature called, so I had to resort to 'hoicking' my frock up in a non-princessy manner to get up the stairs to the big bathroom.
It would have been more graceful if I'd simply thrown myself out of a bedroom window afterwards using my dress as a parachute to rejoin our guests...but no...I gracefully walked back downstairs complete with the bathmat attached to the end of my dress that had managed to latch onto one of the wire hoops in my enormous petticoat that had worked its way loose!
Honestly...I'm sure I was only put on this earth as the comedy act!
There's more...(Yes More!) but you'll have to wait for the next wedding card.

Stamp - LOTV
Papers - Papermania (I think) wedding collection
Promarkers, punched flowers with pink pearly flower centres, pink heart embellies


Becky Dunham said...

Oh Jane, this is too funny! I have a mental picture of you gliding down the stairs :) My dress had one of those hoop skirts too - layer upon layer of lace. I don't remember any mishaps though - almost 25 years ago so either dementia is setting in or I have chosen to forget :) Absolutely gorgeous card - one of my favorite LOTV images!

Tracy said...

Great card, and loved your story :)

Chrissy said... can see it poor darling...mmwwaahhh!! Had to let that out, I was getting a headache...Oh! Jane, you poor thing....gorgeous card, I love those LOTV image, so cute..very pretty card...I'm composed now....sort of...[muffled snigger]


heidy said...

Wow gorgeous card Jane and fun story!
XXX Heidy

Ali said...

OOoh how posh are you!!! Marquee in the garden - sooper. Hope all this hilarity was caught on the wedding video - you could send it in to Harry Hill!!! Beautiful card - that image is a cutie and love the layout - hope your day is dry today xxx

Faye said...

I love you! :)

I made a wedding card using this very image, only yesterday, featuring at mine, some time after the weekend. This is pretty, meringuey, pricessy and not a bath mat in sight. Snigger! xx

Dawn B. said...

I am so glad that you can laugh at yourself. Laughter always makes the heart lighter. This is a beautiful card. I really like that you personalized it.

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