Monday, 5 March 2012

Stash Give-Away

Ok...this is for my regular Followers only...
I have 5 brand new sets of Bear-iations stamps to re-home. They were given to me by someone who has given up crafting & I need to find them a 'lovin' home!
I have...

Sitting Bear
Surf's Up
Rock & Roll
Chef & Nurse
Standing Bear Activity Plate

Google to find full details...they're about £10 per pack roughly
If you want the lot for free & are either a) able to collect from my house (Stevenage, UK) or b) prepared to send me a cheque to cover Signed for Delivery P&P in advance...then they're yours.
I haven't checked out the P&P cost yet but if you're interested let me know & I'll investigate. If they were lightweight I'd offer them as candy & pay the P&P myself but all 5 sets are quite weighty.
Again, this is only for my 'regulars' and I know who you are...mwhahaha! x

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