Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rambling Rose Exfoliator - Coz You're Worth It

It's not a well known fact that the common-garden Rambling Rose is an alternative to expensive shop-bought exfoliators.
Up until this morning I had no idea about its other uses...I merely saw it as a cascading, flowery thing of beauty. But, my friends, put your pennies back in your fancy purses, cast aside those Cliniques, Clarins & Santuary Spa containers that take up valuable space on the bathroom window-cill and behold a new kid on the dead-skin-removal block.

Step1. Take one million year old ultra thorny Rambling Rose that has rambled over the fence into an alleyway to flower its pretty head off to passers-by.
Step 2. Take one client who wants said evil thorny Rambling Rose back in their garden being all pretty rather than in the alleyway.
Step 3. Spend 2 hours pruning a ton of deceased skin-shredding Rambling Rose branches in alleyway & squeeze it all in to a small wheelie-bin.
Step 4. Hoick remaining  spiteful live stems back over fence and spend further 30 mins tying prickly under-control Rambling Rose back to clients trellis.
The result...happy client and ...
... 2 ultra-deep exfoliated arms (only 1 arm shown for demonstration purposes .... plus it's impossible to take a photo when both arms are busy)
(Pool of blood on floor & T-shirt not shown...lol)
Showering after this kind of exfoliating is NOT recommended...better to stink!
So here you go...a card...ignore the dots, on reflection they look like she's got fleas hovering around her!

Papers - First Edition Dreamcatcher collection
Promarkers, foam flower embellie, Docrafts sentiment


Jacki Daniels said...

That's why I don't do gardening plus every plant I ever touch dies haha
loving the card never noticed the fleas till you mentioned them lol
image is a sweetie but your arms look rather sore ouchhhhhh
Jacki xx

Chrissy said...

Oh! My...you look just as sore here as you did on your other blog...fabulous card, love the wee image and her fleas..lol..I've just startd doing dots too, usually try shading but it looks like a thunderstorm is brewing around my images, so went for dots...


heidy said...

Haha thats why I let you do my garden,when are you coming? lol
Oh no I really feel for you!
Your card is gorgeous...makes me itchy.
XXX Heidy

Faye said...

So glad I stopped by, I needed one of your posts! Fabby flea (not) card! xx

Kim said...

Beautiful card Jane!!! I can hardly wait till I can go in my garden! Still snow here so maybe in a month!!

Sandy said...

I tell you, you should write a book or a newspaper column. I love reading your blogs. Now that looks like it hurt. Besides, who has time to exfoliate one's skin.
Your card is beautiful and your color so pretty. I am enjoying reading your adventures with nature. Can I ship you some frogs.

Tracey said...

Ouch, we do have to suffer for our art lol
Fab card as always Jane :)

Unknown said...

Hmmm, now shall I make sarcastic humour-type comments about your fleas, erm...I mean dots? No, I won't (for a change)! I agree with other comments - they didn't look like fleas until you said so!! Looks like a trip to the chemist for extra-long plasters for you, but then if you will insist on this gardening malarky.... I'm sure the rose will ramble no more thanks to your gauged (is that how you spell gawged?) arms.
Lovely card by the way.
Ellie Maggie x

CraftyC said...

Beautiful card Jane, a lovely image and oohh your arm looks sore, a great memento aye lol

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