Friday, 9 March 2012

Nipping in...Nipping out!

Just nipping in quickly...
It's been the craziest of weeks in our house...we've had moving gnashers, squashed 'cube-boobs' and a possessed lawn-mower to name a few. My emotions have ranged from utter terror to uncontrollable laughter. Thank goodness it's the weekend...need a serious rest & a stiff drink!
Hope you have a good 'un..x


Jacki Daniels said...

Oh My it's all been going off your end hasn't it have a stiff drink or 3 def great card very delicate
Hope you have a great weekend
Jacki xx

Unknown said...

These things come to try us don't they, but it's not so bad if we can balance it with a good laugh.
Lovely card, mmm glitter - my fave.
Ellie Maggie x

heidy said...

Love your card,try to relaxa bit hun!
XXX Heidy

Chrissy said...

Had a week from hell myself with all new clients and rushing around, no time to post cards last week, but thank you for missing me...this is a fabulous male card. love the horses silhouette...going to get some serious colouring done this weekend...I hope..


Ali said...

Hi hun, glad you are ok (if a little stressed!!) I'll join you in the stiff drink department - obviously just 'cos its not nice to drink alone - cough!! Great card - fabby image I think it looks quite dramatic - enjoy your weekend xxx

Tracey said...

Yup, I'm glad this week is over too lol
Have a fab weekend Jane!
Great card btw

Ita said...

A lovely card i love the green ribbon,hope you can relax and enjoy that drink

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