Sunday, 25 March 2012

Keep Your Knickers On Please!

Bonjour, Hallo, Salam, Ahoj, привет and Wotcha.
The excitment is at fever-pitch in our house with the annual bonanza that is 'The Eurovision Song Contest 2012' looming. With just over 2 months to go there's just enough time to brush up on my languages and my geographical  / political knowledge. Apparently it's being held in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan this year. If you Google Map 'Baku' and pull out slowly with your scrolly-mouse-thing, you'll see the country looks like the nose of a witch staring at a scary beast opposite with drooly fangs(here's a link for all you lazy-pants), which in itself is almost as exciting as Eurovision.

My cards today are far less interesting, try scrolling in & out with your scrolly-mouse-thing, they may look better from a distance...say...Azerbaijan! (lol)
I still haven't been forgiven by a huge chunk of my family for having my wedding day the same day as was a hideous crime & one for which I've paid the price!
Some bloke called Engelbert Humperdinck (AKA Arnold Dorsey...) is our entry. (I say 'some bloke' in a pathetic attempt to hide my age & knowledge of him) Apparently he revealed recently that at 75 years old "I still occasionally get knickers thrown at me".
I can assure you Mr Humperdinck, my undergarments will be sellotaped securely to my nether-regions, there'll be none of that malarky thank you very much!

Stamp - Penny Black Flying Stars
Promarkers, sequins from Hobbycraft that despite being pink or green change colour in different lights

PS. Huge THANK YOU to Carol of A Crafting Journey for giving me this award


Ali said...

Unless of course its George!!! I am sad to admit that I've heard the song and actually quite like it - sshhhh - dont tell anyone though - would hate Will.I.Am to get wind of it and think I am not the funky gettin down with the kids 'young' thang that I like to think I am xx

Ali said...

Oops forgot to say love the cards xx

heidy said...

Fabolous cards hun !!
My mum was a big Mr Humperdinck fan,but she never trown her nickers to him,well she never has told me lol
XXX Heidy

Chrissy said...

I was quite fond of a bit of Engel...but never through my knickers at the stereo, as that was the only time I heard him.. two very sweet CAS cards, lovely images and colouring..very pretty.


Sandy said...

You my dear, are a riot!!! I thought you meant that we needed to keep our knickers on cause you were catching more frogs! Actually, I know nothing of which you speak but you sound so darned intelligent. Mr. Humperdnck - yeah I remember him. In fact I saw him a long time ago in Las Vegas - Live and on stage. I don't think I have ever thrown my knickers at anyone but I will at your cards if that is your desire. You are so much fun to follow and I love this card. Your fan who will not kiss a frog.

Tracey said...

These are soo pretty!

Unknown said...

OMG! I've just been spooked! We are too alike because I left my comment on the 'fleas' card before coming to these cards and I used the word 'malarky' in my comment, only to find in this post that you've used it too!!!!! Sppoookkyyy. Any old how, back to business, I absolutely LOVE these 2 cards, love, love, love them. Even from where I live.
Ellie Maggie x

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