Friday, 17 February 2012

Rejoice...My Cuttlebug is Reborn!

Despite years (slight exageration) of intensive research into the delights of the humble Cuttlebug, questions on forums & sales pitches on TV, at no stage did anyone ever mention the ugly lines left by the embossing folders. What I hadn't realised was that everyone was working with A6 cards which fitted perfectly inside the folders, no one ever demonstrated on anything bigger.

It was the embossing I was seduced by...and the embossing I was disappointed with and so my wee stack of folders have collected a carpet of dust & remained untouched.

But no more...Hoorah! Hose down those folders and rejoice!!
I'm still experimenting but have found another way to use them.
The folder I've used above is Bird Call, the one below is Leafy Branch.

Nothing complicated, just cut a section of the embossed card (minus the ugly bit) and used some old Whispers inks & a cotton-wool pad to create a distressed inked effect & finished with glitter glue highlights.

If anyone has any inspirational uses for the cuttlebug folders I'd love to hear from you.'s the weekend...Yay! Have a groovy


heidy said...

Oh wow Jane these are realy beautiful hun!
XXX Heidy

Heather said...

Hiya, beautiful cards. Just wondered if you have ever tried adding the ink onto the folder before you emboss, creates a funky effect. I also found the size thing an issue, I have sometimes embossed just the bottom third of the card and then covered the ugly line with ribbon or border of some sort.

Faye said...

Fab news, I was terribly worried about your embossing floders. And your sanity, in fact, but that's for another day... xxx

Dawn B. said...

Now these are so cool. These would make a great gift set. I am so glad you dusted it off and got it out for some love.

Unknown said...

Those are fab cards, I struggle with inspiration for my CBug too. Try this link Janey, there are 3 CBug tuts in the left-hand column (the middle one opens 8 ideas) Hope this helps.
Ellie Maggie x

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