Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Cough! Sputter!

I've now had a 'chest infection cough thingy' (genuine medical term!) for 3 weeks, 5 days and roughly 14 hours. I've had a course of penicillin, some foul brown coloured cough medicine, dunked my head a couple of times over a a steaming hot bowl of melted Vicks Vapour rub & inhaled as deeply as my rubbish lungs would allow (whilst wearing an attractive nativity-style T-towel over my head) and now I've pulled the muscles under my ribs so it hurts to breathe n' cough.
Can I have a big 'Arrrr' ?
Enough moaning by me...cough...splutter!
It'll be Summer by the time I can get another doctors appointment, so for now I'm off to 'google' for a man with big warm hands to rub my ailing parts with some deep heat.

Promarkers, flower sequins, Basic Grey letters


Ali said...

oh missus - sorry your not well- can see its not stopped your fabby card making skills - hope you feel better soon, big hugs but not bear hugs 'cos that would hurt your chest xx

heidy said...

Oh poor you,sorry your not well hun!
Here's a big cyber hug,hope it cheers you up a bit!
Fab card as always!
XXX heidy

Tammy said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well! If you find the man with the big hands, let me know, just in case I catch a cold! Really like your card, sweet image.

Faye said...

Hey Nutter. Hope you shift the bug soon. Sounds like wot I got, but my Doc won't cough up the drugs! Fabby card btw. xxx

Tracey said...

AW bless ya! Hope you feel better soon & find that big handed fella ;)
Take care
Ps. Fab card btw

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