Saturday, 11 February 2012

Ballet Anyone?

I've never been light on my feet...more like a stampeding herd of elephants.
The resemblance to 'Moi' and these ballet dancing gals is uncanny. My legs are just like theirs when I wear my frilly tutu n' leotard (that image should get rid of some of my unwanted 'Spammers'!!)

My coughing n' spluttering continues and I ended up in A & E yesterday when something in my rib / lung department went 'pop' during a coughing fit leaving me 'blubbing' in agony. Thank goodness my OH had taken an hour off work first thing for other matters as I don't know what I would have done if he'd not been there. Thinking I'd broken something he rushed me Starsky n' Hutch-style to the hospital...there was no time to change out of my sensible Bridget Jones underwear but thankfully for everyone there was no stripping required for my X-Ray.
Result, nothing broken, just some soft-tissue damage (don't think he was talking about the Kleenex I've been hacking into) and instructions to take a 'rattling' amount of pain killers & chillax.

Stamp - Two Tu-Tus Mo's Digital Pencil
Kanban card & flowers
Promarkers & glitter 


Chrissy said...

I'm too scared to tell you...I used to be a ballerina, but these days I'm the one sitting on the pretty card, love the image and colouring.
The only reason I photograph without my beautiful fence was too darn windy...but at least the nail was hammered in.I get beautiful light in here in the winter..and sun..and can take photos inside..but summer time it is in shade all day long,and have to go outside.
Hope you kick this cough soon..I can feel the muscles burning for you..take care.


Ali said...

Such a gorgeous image - you not light on your toes - find that hard to believe - cough!! Hope your on the mend missus and not in too much pain - just keep taking the tablets!!

heidy said...

I picture you waering a tututhats scary better not done that lol,now I'm sure it will be a bad night lol
What a beautiful card hun and hope your feeling better soon!
Big XXX Heidy

Tracey said...

ooh you poor thing Jane :( Hurry up & get better soon!
Love the card :)

Carla S. said...

Hope you feel better soon, Jane! That sounds like a nasty cough! Your card is adorable! Love these two darlings in their pink tu-tus!

Gretha said...

Lovely card Jane and the image is so cute. I hope you get better soon.
Hugs Gretha

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