Thursday, 26 January 2012

Spring Cleaning

I know it's not Spring yet...but I can't wait any longer...I can't stand it!
The whole house has been blitzed. If an object's not been touched in the past year, has a coating of dust an inch deep or hasn't seen the light of day since the last millenium then it's outta here!
I really, really must suss out Ebay. I've said it soooo many times before but everytime I visit the page, I'm filled with dread at getting it all wrong and find something more interesting to do instead on the ol' computer.
So I better be off and do it now...see yer! x

DoCrafts Tulip collection punched border
Kanban sentiment


Ali said...

Please come to my house - I carent be a**ed!!! Beautiful card by the way!!p.s. I've heard George likes his women hirsute - lol - so I'm in!!!

Ankie vd Polder said...

Oh wow, this is gorgeous. Hugs, Ankie

Faye said...

Spring cleaning?! Why, it's not Good Friday! Fab image and much prettyness, tis luuurverly. xxx

heidy said...

Oh gorgeous card Jane!
I'm redecorating my livingroom as we speak,new paint everywere,feeling a bit high haha!
XXX Heidy

Chrissy said...

Gorgeous card Jane, love the colours...rain it did!!...but since then nothing, and temperatures high 30's and everything drains and dries so fast...lovely and cloudy today, just the way I like it..have 3 more clients today, just snuck home for a quick coffee and a blog sick, cannot do a full day till I've had my blog to an elderly lady, first timer...this should be interesting...just went to have another slug out of my coffee cup, but the well is dry...ho hum, off to work then


Lyn said...

I'm doing one room at a time, declutter and sell/bin/charity, will have loads more room for new crafty bits then, lol. Very pretty card. Take care, Lyn x

Kim said...

great card Jane!!!

Tracey said...

Beautiful card Jane, love the sparkle :)

Sandy said...

this one's a stunner, gorgeous image and beautifully coloured, fab layout.

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