Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Public Health Warning

Hey Kids!
Go careful out there this week...there's a lot of 'Trolley Rage' in the supermarkets at the mo'.
Only this morning I was standing, minding my own business, perusing the goods on a shelf when all of a sudden I felt my 'humble' basket being bashed...not once...but several times!!
I turned to see an elderly lady with her ram-raid-style trolley staring at me with eyes that can kill at 40 paces. She was practically burning holes in my head with her evil lazer look so I politely asked if I was in her way, to which she then turned up the heat on her mega-scorch lazer eyes & I moved aside for fear of death or worse!!
Who would think Christmas shopping could be so dangerous.
Another couple of cards for your delight n' delectation


heidy said...

Oh Jane I know hat your mean,I work in a supermarket and it's not a saveplace at the moment lol
Your cards are fab,love the baubles
XXX Heidy

Ali said...

Fabby cards missus you are loving your baubles at the mo - giggles!! Did you trip her up as she passed - grrrr - how dare you stand looking at something - lol xx

Faye said...

What happened to the season of goodwill?! Two fabby cards. I espesh like the first one! ;) xxx

Chrissy said...

Road rage is bad enough, dont need trolley rage,it's awful in lots of places at the moment...except our Pack'n'save...they have some guy on the intercom, making jokes and pointing out specials and then singing...badly...but it is making everyone relax and all smile,so its a good thing..
Two lovely cards Jane, I missed a few but will catch up..


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