Friday, 23 September 2011


A BIG SHOUT OUT to the very talented Multi-Taskers who I gave way to in my car this morning at a traffic-calming speed-bump! Not just any ol' speed-bump I tell yer...NO...this one was in the middle of the road with the added bonus of huge planters on either side for that extra steering challenge!
First...a BIG UP to the lorry driver that I let through who was able to text, steer & give me a wry grin as a way of showing his appreciation as I waited patiently.
Secondly...a MAHOOSIVE WOOP! WOOP! to the lady in her flash car, who was not only able to steer & raise her hand to thank me for letting her through...but...was also able to apply her mascara whilst looking in her sun-visor at the same time whilst manouvering said speed-bump
Not sure who GRRRR'd me the most...those two or the perfect driver who just couldn't be arsed to thank me!!
Hey! Ho!
It is Friday...let me hear a "RAH!"
My card is a paper-pieced freebie from Tiddlyinks on an embossed framed background with computer generated sentiment


Marlene said...

I'd have rolled down my window and tossed rotten eggs at all three of 'em. (Provided I had rotten eggs with me, anyway.)

Adorable card....what's with all the cuteness? Can we see something snarky? You're always asking me for that!

Chrissy said...

You must be too courteous...I car hop...frightens them to death..they think I'm naughty son taught me that..bad boy.

Lovely cute card..cute image.


Faye said...

Ooh I feel your rage. Muppets. Love yerr card though. xxx

Tracey said...

Love the card & the paper pieced dress looks fab!
Hope you're having a great weekend Jane :)

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