Wednesday, 21 September 2011

It's been one of those days...'s been one of those days...
The day started with the cat wailing to let me know she'd sat on the edge of her litter-tray & missed.
My gardening job today included bagging up 2 squished frogs, complete with entrails (hurl!) and my son was heard suggesting to his dad that he trade me in for a new woman as I'd clearly let myself go!!
In the past 5 mins my daughter has just tripped up the stairs & sent fruit-juice I can't stop...carpets to clean.
My card today is for a pal who has a poorly back and is spending her days horizontal on the floor to ease her pain. It's a rather attractive (complete with hairy-legs) nurse from Just Inklined. The digi papers are by Summer Driggs (Summertime Designs) Falling For Fall collection with handmade concertinaed flowers & red sticker dots to finish.


Cor* said...

OOooohhhaaahhhh this card has me rolling on the floor! love it! Great creation!

Ali said...

Brill card love that image - might need it for a friend who is finished her nursing course soon lol- By the way what is it about squished frogs - we've got one on our drive with entrails - I've never seen a frog such a lime green colour!!! I cant move it though - hoping a will come and take it away - do they even eat frogs??

heidy said...

Sounds like you had a fun day lol
I love this image,your card is absolutly funny
Hugs Heidy

Faye said...

It's nearly tomorrow, it can't be worse! And I think this is fabby. x

Marlene said...

Sorry you're having a shit day! Have another glass of wine. Doctor ordered it! Or Nurse Nasty did! She looks freaking scary (and wicked good), by the way!

Kim said...

OMG!!! This is so funny!!!! Wonderful card!

Made by Mandy said...

OMG, she would SHIT me up, no kidding!! I loves frogs but not sure I'd like to see squished ones. So glad I never had to dissect one when I was a kid (many moons ago!!)

Flexmarkers vs Promarkers. I have the full sell of Promarkers so would not replace, only going to buy the new colours. Never had a Promarker run out yet when and if they do I would replace with a Flexmarker if the colour was available. They are so wet and juicy and they colour like a dream. Thus far I have had no bleeding at all and they are fab for blending. Vix said she reckons the extra new colours are due November and I will definitely be having them. I think you will find the pale colours useful for your Mo Manning images especially.

The nib is so fine so better control. I think the ultrafine nibs are damaging the end of my Promarkers so think the new Flex nib is so much better. I find I stay inside the lines a lot better as you can push the nib down yet it doesn't bleed the colour all over the place. They really are the perfect combo of ink and pen flexibility. I was a bit sceptical that they would be all that much better but they really are :)

I coloured another couple of images in last night and after 3 cards can honestly say I am surprised at just how much I love them.


Love Mandy xxx

Tracey said...

Fabulous, fun card Jane! Sorry you've had a bad day things can only get better (to coin a phrase lol).
Thank Crunchie it's the weekend! Have a good one pal.

Anonymous said...

wow, love it, this card is sure to cheer up anyone who is feeling under the weather
Lindsay xx

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