Saturday, 17 September 2011

Dirty Word

Brace yourselves...I bring you a PEEL-OFF card in its entirety.
Yes...I know for many the PEEL-OFF is a dirty word, a word mentioned only behind closed doors with a grimace and a snigger. Frowned upon and heads turned away in disgust.
Oh the shame!!
But...yer know what...who cares..NOT ME! I have PEEL-OFFS and I'm NOT afraid to use them.
These are all sparkly black flowers mounted onto white card, some with foam pads for a bit of dimension with dots and swirls too.


Chrissy said...

Nothing wrong with peel offs in my book Jane...used them many times..and stickers...alphabet letters...great things peel offs, and this is a great card, very, very, nice. Looks lovely against the white...and I have this sheet of stickers in pink too.


martina's kaartjes said...

this is lovely ! pretty card
greetings, martina

Saskia said...

Beautiful card!

Saskia :)

heidy said...

Hi Jane,you can use peeloffs as maney as you like ,think its a beauty!
Hugs Heidy

Tracey said...

Stop swearing gal! Actually you would never know these WERE peeloffs lol Fantastic card Jane as always!

Marlene said...

Use those peelies to your heart's content, girl! Just don't be peelin' off yer knickers in public.

Tracey said...

PS... Howler corrected LOL thanks for pointing it out ;)
Enjoy your Sunday pal.

Kim said...

This is so pretty!!! Great card jane!

Faye said...

How could you do this to me?! I really like this card. And that is soooo dirty. Eurgh. xxx

Julie said...

Stunning peel off use Jane - in your expert hands they look fab!! Great design! Juliexx

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